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Avengers - Same LP


"Though not released until 1983 the Avengers' self-titled record (aka The Pink Album) features the band's recorded output from 1977-78, from the glorious first wave of punk rock. The Avengers were San Francisco's preeminent punk band, led by Penelope Houston's snarling vocals and Greg Igranham's distorted guitar riffs, and one of the first anywhere to feature a female lead singer. One of punk rock's most important original documents. Classic." "The Avengers were San Francisco's best punk band, in moments the best in the republic: fabulous songs, a snarling, confrontational presence, a primitive sound that could go anywhere." --Greil Marcus.
(Superior Viaduct)

1 We Are The One
2. Car Crash
3. I Believe In Me
4. Open Your Eyes
5. No Martyr
6. Desperation
7. Thin White Line
8. Paint It Black
9. The American In Me
10. White Nigger
11. Uh-Oh
12. Second To None
13. Corpus Christi
14. Fuck You


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