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GBH - City Baby´s Revenge 2LP


Limited edition colored vinyl reissue of the 1984 classic by British hardcore punk band G.B.H.!
This long out of print vinyl is a fan favorite and in high demand since it captures the group at the height of their powers and popularity!
Side C & D are bonus tracks not included on the original release.
(LTEV/ 2016)

Track Listing

1. Diplomatic Immunity
2. Drugs Party In 526
3. See The Man Run
4. Vietnamese Blues
5. Womb With A View
6. The Forbidden Zone
7. Valley Of Death

1. City Baby’s Revenge
2. Pins And Needles
3. Christianised Cannibals
4. Faster Faster
5. High Octane Fuel
6. I Feel Alright
7. Skanga (Herby Weed)

1. Give Me Fire     
2. Mantrap     
3. Catch 23     
4. Hellhole     

1. Do What You Do     
2. Four Men     
3. Children Of Dust     
4. Do What You Do (Concrete Mix)


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