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Johnny Notebook And The Blue Screens - Same 12"



Johnny Notebook is the synth punk solo project from Daniel of Dean Dirg, Toyotas and Metric Eyes.

150 copies in a 2c silkscreened cover with a slightly reduced cover design – 350g/m² café au lait white paper – hand-glued cover with 3mm spine – clear/slightly white mixed wax – silkscreened b-side – stamped a-side label – with insert printed on 250g/m² paper – black deluxe innersleeves – numbered by hand

(Stencil Trash/ 2018)

A1 – Das Programm
A2 – Go bust
A3 – Psycho
A4 – Trip wire
A5 – Keep running
A6 – Die Mission


  • Artikelnummer: LP6002

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