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Cavemen, The - Same LP


180g, blood red vinyl!
Transplanted Kiwi London garage punk miscreants reissue debut LP on 180g blood red vinyl plus two bonus tracks.
This first record is a funny, tuneful rampage of hedonistic juvenile delinquency, grave robbing fantasies and substance/self abuse-themed anarchy, from the opening blast of Mentally Ill to the climactic kiss-off Trash Talkin' Paint Huffin' Girl.
The stand-out tunes include unconventional my girlfriend dumped for the leader of a Nazi biker gang anthem Rides With The Reich ("Gee I, don't wanna kiss ya, I'm in love with Adolf Hitler"), the shouty Motorhead-name checking alcoholic celebration of At The Pub ("I was born (at the pub), went to school (at the pub), fell in love (at the pub), had my kids (at the pub), had a beer (at the pub), had a fight (at the pub)") and manic mid-term meltdown School Sucks ("kill the teachers, burn the homework, smash the classroom").
There's pretty much a racket to suit every form of deviancy. The whole record clocks in at under 30 minutes, making it the perfect rude 'n' crude warm-up music for any imminent crime spree. 
(Dirty Water/ 2018)


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