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Sloppy Seconds - The First Seven Inches ...And Then Some LP


"The First Seven Inches" is the first EP released by punk band Sloppy Seconds. It was released in 1987 on the band's own Alternative Testicles label. In 1992, it was reissued on Taang! Records under the title "The First Seven Inches ...And Then Some!" along with 10 bonus tracks of various B-sides and outtakes from the band's first two albums and prior. Now available again on colored vinyl.
(Taang!/ 2018)

1.  So Fucked Up
2.  Iynchtown U.S.A.
3.  If I Had A Woman
4.  Someone Else's Pills
5.  Public Beat
6.  Leavin' On A Jet Plane
7.  Vacation
8.  Yuppies
9.  Germany
10. The Men
11. I Don't Wanna Take You Home
12. Human Waste
13. Jerry's Kids
14. The Pop My Dick Song


  • Artikelnummer: LP7407
  • Hergestellt von: TAANG! Records

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