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Agnostic Front - Riot, Riot Upstart LP


Color vinyl!
Thriving on the success of "SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE", AGNOSTIC FRONT released "RIOT RIOT UPSTART" only a year later, in 1999.
Just like its predecessor, "RIOT RIOT UPSTART" was only issued in that very year by Epitaph Records, making this the very first official reissue - of course by STRENGTH RECORDS! Providing yet another uncompromising mixture of fast, ferocious New York Hardcore and punk-rock sing-alongs, "RIOT RIOT UPSTART's" structure is very much alike "SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE".
With a total of 17 songs, the tracklist offers a variety of stompers - barely clocking the 90 second mark, and street rockin' anthems such as title-track "Riot Riot Upstart" and "My Life", undoubtedly leaving producer Lars Frederiksen's (Rancid, The Bastards, Old Firm Casuals) mark on to this record! 
(Strength/ 2018)


  • Artikelnummer: LP7426

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