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Middle Class Fantasies - Helden EP


The MIDDLE CALSS FANTASIES where a german punk band from Frankfurt/M area and existed between 1979 and 1982. Along with Hamburg's original SLIME and BUTTOCKS probably the most radical and cynical of the DEUTSCH PUNK genre and probably along the most important bands of this era. Their style was pretty unique, simple but pumping mid tempo punk rock with some very delicate, radical provoking and cynical lyrics. 

Their track "Helden", originally on AGR's "Soundtracks zum Untergang" compilation, got blacklisted due it's radical political provocative content. This is a reissue of their one and only released 7" titled "Helden". Originally released by "Aggressive Rockproduktionen" in 1981 and available for the first time since. 

M.C.F. released two more songs on the "Soundtracks zum Untergang 1" (Helden and Publikum) compilation and broke up in 1982. The band briefly reformed as "KILLERPRALINEN" for another 7" and disbanded straight away. This is some classic german punk rock history! 

(Mad Butcher/ 2018)


A1 . Tradition 
B1 . Party In Der Gaskammer 
B2 . Biaffra Beat


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