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Cocktails - Catastrophic Entertainment LP


Brand-new power pop from Frisco, "pop music for nice people," recalling the powerpop of the 1970s--from Beserkley, California to the suburban power pop of middle America--new shoelaces on some old sneakers, sunshine on clean sand, pull tabs and the bottle caps, cool as the sweat on your bottle of Grape Crush on a dog day evening, clean guitar licks with a bit of cynicism, bright as a neon sign but something lurking in the shadows, female and male vocals helping mix it up, Bacardi and Coke, sounds like summertime, 2020 and reminiscing of the past, young punks hanging at the arcade on the side of town when the boom has passed but the yuppies haven't invaded, tempo bopping along like Pac Man across the screen.
(Alien Snatch/ 2020)


  • Artikelnummer: LP8430
  • Hergestellt von: Alien Snatch

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