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Antiseen ‎– Honour Among Thieves LP


Limited color vinyl!
A stunning reissue of the 1985 debut album from notorious Destruco-Rock tormentors ANTISEEN.
Remastered to bring their songs of hate, drunkeness, debauchery, violence, incest and murder to their full glory.
(TKO/ 2017)

A1    Intro : Boom Boom Bamalam    
A2    I Don´t Ask You For Nothing    
A3    Jailbait    
A4    Absent Minded    
A5    Odd Speaks    
A6    Meat Market    
A7    Queen City Stomp    
A8    Lil' Sister    
A9    Drug Thru The Mud    
A10    Tourtured Soul    
A11    Colorado OA    
B1    Hammerhead    
B2    Wifebeater    
B3    Warhero    
B4    Face Full Of Teeth    
B5    Destructo Rock    
B6    Thank The Hell Out Of You


  • Artikelnummer: LP9067
  • Hergestellt von: TKO Records

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