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La Decoupe - Inadapté EP (red)


Handprinted sleeve! Only 250 copies!
In order to cut up sheer boredom with an axe and cut up your own forehead with a meat grinder, the 3 tracks EP of "La Découpe" is highly recommended by all the best cutlers. Sharpened by T.Boy (Les Lullies), with help from Manah the Butcher (Les Lullies, Les Grys Grys), Pav the Knife Grinder from Hell (The Scaners), François the Shredder (Les Lullies) and Axelle the Shear (The Silly Walks), forged at the Subsonic to relieve boredom, it will allow you to split your skull with ease. 3 punk tracks sung in French, Inadapté is a modern praise to uselessness and unprofitability, an ode to lazy sods and dropouts, a "Fier de ne rien faire" of the 21st century, carved out of last-century steel...
(Wanda/ 2021)


  • Artikelnummer: EP2811
  • Hergestellt von: Wanda Records

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