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Willie Williams – Words Of Knowledge LP


Willie Williams is one of those outstanding reggae individualists who has carved out his own musical niche, making a lasting impact as a beloved roots vocalist and lyricist. His unusual vocal tone is distinctive and affecting, and he has taken a singular approach to music production which parallels his uncommon spiritual beliefs; like his friend and collaborator, Yabby You, Williams is one of a select coterie of reggae figures who wear dreadlocks and celebrate the culture of Rastafari, but who reject the notion of Haile Selassie's divinity, standing firm in their belief in Jesus Christ. He will always be best remembered for his landmark Studio One recording 'Armagideon Time,' which was memorably covered by The Clash, but Williams' career has been long and varied, his story taking in many different twists and turns. Another truly original reggae great.
(Radiation Roots/ 2023)

1. One Love
2. Jah Righteous Reign
3. Loafers
4. Natty Natty
5. Solid
6. Words of Knowledge
1. A Child
2. Don't Let I Down
3. Rock On
4. Rock So
5. Arise
6. Ease Up The Pressure
7. Rockin' Universally


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