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Blind Pigs - Same LP


sunspot marble vinyl!

Originally released in 2002, the self-titled third LP by São Paulo, Brazil’s Blind Pigs, built upon the momentum the band had been building since its inception in the mid-90s with energetic live shows, touring, and their first two full-lengths, São Paulo Chaos and The Punks Are Alright. It propelled the band to new heights of notability in the worldwide streetpunk scene.
(Pirates Press/ 2024)



1. Amanhã Não Vai Mudar
2. Mal Estar Social
3. Patria Libre O Muerte
4. Last Call
5. Borderline
6. O Idiota
7. Homem Sem Pátria
8. Frontline
9. Violência


10. La Passionaria
11. Av. São João
12. The Jester
13. Wasteland
14. Sete De Setembro
15. Kamikaze
16. Teenage Crime Wave
17. All Out Attack
18. Última Emoção


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