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Cut Piece – Your Own Good LP


In a time where it’s become increasingly difficult to find the motivation to head out my front door, Cut Piece has become one of the few exceptions. Featuring a lineup of Portland scene stalwarts from Red Dons, Piss Test, Era Bleak, Dials, Petite... every time they hit the stage with power, ferocity, and a purpose, commanding the audience and never out staying their welcome. On their debut LP ‘Your Own Good’ they stick to that formula. Combining elements of post-punk, hardcore, and the early 80s UK anarcho scene, Cut Piece turn in a 23 minute blast of driving anthems that demand your attention and drill their way into your brain. Songs about the fucked-up state of our world, the overwhelming apathy of the population at large, self-empowerment, and the creeps who lurk the neighborhood. Featuring one of the hardest bangers in the game, a constant barrage of hook exchanges between the wiry guitars and rumbling bass, and a powerful vocalist shouting out calls to protest, ‘Your Own Good’ is an absolute banger of a debut. Dark, powerful, and 100% TOTAL PUNK!
(Total Punk/ 2024)

A1 I Dont Share Control
A2 Down Your Door
A3 Halls Of Power
A4 Chase The Night
A5 Change Games
A6 Big One Hits
B1 Soft Limit/Hard Line
B2 Walk The Dog
B3 Your Own Good
B4 Room With A View
B5 Gugi

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