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Plan 9 - Manmade Monster LP


Formed in San Francisco, CA, circa 1997, Plan 9's lethal mix of punk rock merged with full fledged death rock picks up where the Misfits left off and their fan base proves it. Led by Scary Only of the infamous psychobilly band, the Hellbillys, the band carved out a loyal following with their aggressive, powerful and theatrical live shows. Their debut release, 8 Hits From Hell (2004), led critics and fans alike to hail Plan 9 as the only true successors of the original Misfits sound.
LIMITED EDITION OF 500 Copies in Red Vinyl !!!
1 Intro
2 War Of The Worlds
3 13 Shades Of Black
4 Blood
5 Heart Of Darkness
6 Revenant's Rise
7 Day Of The Dead
8 Archangel
9 Manmade Monster
10 Devil's Advocate
11 Teenages From Mars/We Bite
12 Undead
13 Black Dragon
14 She Never Sleeps
15 God Told Me To Kill
16 Samhain

(NickelandDime/ 2008)


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