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Cock Sparrer - Guilty As Charged LP


Remixed and remastered to bring out the energy underneath this perhaps under-appreciated release, this again allows this music to shine, as it should. Amidst all the craziness in the "punk rock" world in 1994, this was Sparrer's answer... a tip of the hat and two fingers in the air letting everyone know that what all the kids were all of a sudden making money selling, they'd been doing for over twenty years. ...Because they loved it! They weren't going to stop having fun and doing things their way, as can be witnessed all over this record.
180g colored Vinyl!!!
(Pirates Press/ 2010)

1. Get A Rope
2. Because You’re Young
3. Bird Trouble
4. Don’t Blame Us
5. Roads To Freedom
6. Last Train To Dagenham
7. I Fit Central Heating (Working Part2)
8. Strip
9. Crack In The Mirror
10. We Know How To Live
11. Tough Guys


  • Artikelnummer: LP3495
  • Hergestellt von: Pirates Press Records

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