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Smogtown - Incest & Pestilence LP


Has it really been a decade? After a few break ups, a couple hibernation periods along with a few sporadic releases here and there, the Fuhrers of the new wave are finally back with their first full length in l0 years. These twelve brand new unreleased songs, pick up right where "domesticviolenceland" left off, and are filled to the brim with their patented OC suburbanite beach punk fury. Not much more to say – its SMOGTOWN and the Beach City Butchers are back with a bang!
(Modern Action/ 2011)


Ignored news
Pharmacy hero
I wanna fuck my chick in the skate ditch
If we all have guns, we can melt all the love
Penchant for screwing up
Subdivision end product

Hear nothing see nothing say nothing
Lets string up the new marketers
Gish’s wish
Waste of breath
Keeping bullets out of the roof of my mouth
Community disservice


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  • Hergestellt von: Modern Action Records

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